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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Peumothorax. A condition where the lungs detaches from the lung wall, creating an air space, or so I remember from the doctors. Well, went for my check up on monday, and Prof. Christie Tan told me that I'm 100% great! =) haha.

But, i dont remember if i got that name right. haha.

But i do remember that hunger i had when i had to fast for half a day, and that i had that crazy craving for fruit tarts from Polar. (Muslim friends, you have my respect.)

I remember the anesthesias. That made me sooo tired after the operation, when i woke up the next morning i asked for biscuits before lunch and i actually fell asleep while chewing it.

I remember the morphine. and that doctor that told me to use it like how i'd play World of Warcraft (I don't play that game and i totally dont get his point then, but he told me to keep pressing it esp. when i want to move) which cause the inflammation in the urinary tract which the doc had to do something to it. let's not talk about the details. haha. i dont WANT to remember that. lol.

I remember the visitors. The great people who came and rescued me from the boredom and pain. Bought me fruits and flowers and teddy bears and balloons! hahaha. well, it was quite cool. hahah. Thanks people, like Marvin, Jennifer, Wilfred, yc, Shawn, Melvin, Frances, Cat, Clar, Uncle Meng, Bernard, Ethan, Willis, Shaun, Vanessa, Maggie, Joanna, Teng Yi, Mr. Jonas Lee, Ms. Koh Poh Tee.... and some more which I could have forgotten. Sorry lah. er. blame it on the anesthesia! =( kae? =) hehe.

I remember the doctors. Who came in now and then to ask if it hurts. Of course it hurts, but well. They're nice. haha. though i dont remember them.

I remember the process of pulling the tube out. My god. TWICE some more! =( cause after pulling it out it collapsed again and they had to put it back. OUCH. And of course, the feeling of "I can go home tml!" and having it thrashed.

I remember the portable x-ray. Quite cool. But the people seemed to be very busy and in a rush, they didn't care about my tube or my wound. They just forced me up the bed. OUCH.

I remember the nurses. HAHA. they're the greatest! always helpful, cheerful and nice! They even helped me wash my hair when I was on the bed. haha. And all the times that i asked them for smth, they'll get it for me and all, very nice people. And the one I remember most is that chatterbox. I never knew her name, and saw her only after a few days, but every time when I see her we'll have something funny to talk about and she'll always ka chiao me big time. hahaha. But well, that's what makes the stay less painful I guess. heh. And all the nurses that helped me! =)

I remember the TV. my god. it was probably one of the times when I actually watched so much TV! Cause there wasn't anything that I could do anyway. Other than slp. Kids Central rocks. haha.

I remember the food. Very bland. haha.

I remember that machine that was sucking the air out of me. Through that tube. haha. and it was always making noise. But got used to it and when they removed it, it felt... quiet. haha. But i'm okay that anw.

I remember my family members coming everyday to visit me and buying food for me cause they knew that the food was not too nice. though i finished both portions completely anyway. lol.

I remember the girl who came almost everyday when i was in the hospital and got me stuff that i wanted to eat and made cards and a box for me. so sweet right. haha. =)
I remember her popping in with soup in her hands (which i loveddd. haha)
I remember falling asleep with her beside me and waking up to see her still around.
I remember the feeling of forgetting the pain when she came.
I remember how i felt then. =)
but well, things are a little different nowadays and i know things have happened and changed, but i'd still like to have her as a friend and talk to her. but i dont really know if she feels the same way or if she reads this space anymore... but if she feels the same way too, i hope she'd drop me a message or smth. haha. =) because i dont really dare to.

This is what I remember.


At 5:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh you ! i'm sure she will get the message soon :)

and i was there you know even though i should have kicked you back then for not telling :(

and arthur had to make me go see you. samantha came too and so did mathiaus !!

see ? we're nice nice people.

and guess what ?! you can smoke now !! without hacking away like some dying old man and ending up in the hospital again :x

At 4:46 AM, Blogger paradox pangs said...

haha. yeah.

sorry lah~ i rmb! haha. i just saw blob and i rmb! haha.


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